AWS' newest affiliate, Benchmark Human Services, is a consulting and project management firm specializing in solutions that reduce cost and increase quality for Medicaid and public governmental agencies serving people with disabilities and behavioral health needs.

Strategy: Customized solutions, effective partnerships

Benchmark Human Services achieves this goal by implementing data-based performance management and specialized strategies to reduce the per-consumer cost of an agency's most expensive services and providing customized solutions by engaging the most effective combination of consultants, services and technology to achieve results as quickly as possible.

See how Benchmark Human Services, a division of AWS, offers cost effective solutions to support individuals with intense needs in new geographic areas.

Leadership: Veteran Executive Forms Company

Benchmark founder and President, Jeff Cross, is a nationally recognized leader in serving people with disabilities. Among his numerous executive positions are serving as President of ResCare's Division for Persons with Disabilities; Regional Vice President with Keystone Education and Youth; and Senior Vice President of The Columbus Organization.

Areas of practice: Helping public agencies increase services' value

Benchmark Human Services typically assists public agencies in these ways:

  • Customized community options for people with forensic history and extensive behavioral and medical challenges
  • Interim management of at-risk residential service providers
  • Medicaid waiver quality assurance and improvement systems
  • Comprehensive downsizing of state-operated facilities

Throughout all projects, Benchmark HS uses a disciplined process called "Key Drivers," which offers intense focus and support on the few critical factors primarily driving success.

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